Attack Style


Unlocked by

Sword Weapon 0002.png 2 Close range melee 1 Default
Bow Weapon 0003.png 1 Long range arrows, fall over time 1 Default
Weapon 0004.png
3 on ground

2 in air

Pounds anything in front of you 1 Default
Boomer Weapon 0005.png 2 Attacks on the way out and back; slows from each enemy hit 2 Defeating Roundleaf
0-4 (Stronger with each successful hit. Takes 8 hits for MAX PAN) Similar to the hammer, as it has an about 0.3 second delay after pressing the attack button 2 Defeating Hammer
Orb Weapon 0006.png 2 Launches in air at an arc. Trajectory can be manipulated by player movement 3 Defeating Starnose
3 When on ground, charges up and slices forward. Slices upwards when used in the air. 3 Defeating Namazu
Weapon 0007.png
2 (+1 with crescent) Slashes nearby enemies. Creates a slow-moving crescent when used on the ground (can hurt player too) 4 Defeating Jellyball
2.5 When used, it makes the player kick their feet forward. It can also hurt enemies when you jump on them. 4 Defeating Dragonpai
Laser Weapon 0008.png 0.5 - 3 Damages anything in the gun's beam. Damage is higher as objects are closer to player 5 Defeating Alpha
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