Choice Chamber Wiki

Types of Rooms[]

Name Description
Bridge Room Viewers build a bridge using numbers to decide how high or low the platforms. These numbers range from 0 to 10, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. There are often secrets hidden at the top of these rooms.
Grid Room Viewers toggle on and off 4 colors : green, blue, yellow, red. Saying one of them makes them disappear or reappear.
Stack Room Viewers stack up blocks to help the players reach the exit using the numbers 1 - 5, as there are 5 columns that can have blocks dropped in.
Bomb Room Viewers break blocks using bombs to help the player reach the exit that is far below them. The player is also able to break these blocks using their weapon.


Both the player and viewers vote on which item the player will purchase with their accumulated gold. In the event of a tied vote, multiple items are bought given the player has enough coins.

The glass container the items are encased in can be broken to receive one item for free, however shop rooms will no longer spawn for the remainder of the game.

Warp Room This is a secret room found only by breaking special checker-patterned blocks found randomly in normal rooms, after breaking the block, the player enters the room by going into the portal.

The purpose of the room is for viewers to vote to either spin or slow a giant numbered wheel, the player will warp ahead by X amount of rooms depending on what number is landed on.



Contains trophies for each type of enemy that has been defeated. Golden trophies are awarded for each defeated enemy that gave the player the Midas power-up. This room can be found by going to the left twice after starting the game, after any given phase has been completed.


A secret room only found by obtaining the cheating heart and breaking the door to the left of any normal room. While within this room, game music can be heard playing in reverse.

At the left end of the room, there exists a locked door that may only be unlocked if the player has a locked heart. Exiting this room always takes the player to a chest room containing a glitch heart, which flips the current room number when used.