Here is a list of powers one could obtain from being a subscriber to OneMrBean or supporting the Kickstarter.

Subscribers can use any of these powers once, but regain them after every major boss or start of a new game.

Command Effect
+BeanBot Summons a Beanbot Gizmo.
+Platinum Summons a 100G Coin.
+Buff Raises the player's stats until one heart is lost.
+Nerf Lowers the player's stats until one heart is lost.
+Pogo The player gains Pogo jump for the rest of the current room.
+Rainbow Drops a Rainbow Heart.
+Snow Summons snow, and forces the next room to become icy.
+Rose Summons a rose. It gives a +5 luck boost. The effect does stack.
+Balloon Summons a balloon. It decreases decent speed when falling long distances.

Anyone who helped Kickstarted the game obtained a set of Kickstarter powers. The amount donated set the tier they're at.

Power Tier Effect Usable Once?
Player Boosts: +power, +speed, +crits, +luck Game($10), Prototype($15), Soundtrack($20), Powerpack($55) Buffs the given attribute for 10 seconds. Yes
Flood Spell: +hellfire, +hoarfrost Beta($25), Art Book($30), Poll Design($50), Power Pack($55) Fills the room with Fire or Frost, effecting all enemies. Yes
Minion: +minionGood, +minionBad Enemy Design($100), Weapon Design($150), Boss Design($200) Summons an invincible minion that hurts the player or enemies. Minion's attack is triggered when the player attacks. Lasts only for that room. Yes
Great Gizmo: +ggClose, +ggSolo, +ggStrong, +ggWeak Gizmo Design($300), Special Event Design($500) Summons an AI Gizmo that follows the command given. Lasts for duration of game. Summons once per game. Commands can change the AI throughout the game.
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