Choice Chamber Wiki

Unlockable Super Weapons

Name Unlocked by Description
Fist Beating Roundleaf A fist flies across the screen, killing all enemies in the room
Meow Beating Starnose Cat claws swipe at the screen, killing all visible enemies
Hyper Beating Jellyball Creates several orbs around the player that deal contact damage
Midas Beating Alpha Grants the Midas perk when used. Midas ticks down every time

the player attacks, rather than on hit

Hidden Super Weapons

Name Description
ManFist A fist strikes upwards on the screen, killing all enemies (similar to Fist)
ZekeLove Summons a giant flaming heart which converts/fills all containers with

flaming hearts on contact with the player

All super weapons are triggered by typing the command in chat if the streamer has them unlocked and a certain amount of unique votes (one vote per user) have been registered. The hidden powers are unlocked by default and may only be voted for after 10 consecutive rooms have been beaten.

Room Captain Commands

Name Description
heart Give a random heart as a gift.
gold Give gold as a gift.
enemy Give an enemy as a gift.
bomb Give a bomb as a gift.
empty Give an empty gift.
random Give a random gift.
resign Give up as Room Captain.

Sub Gizmo Commands

Name Description
attack Shoots enemies.
shield Blocks projectiles.
collect Brings items to player.
lift Carries player for a period of time.
ground Blocks player from falling into pits.
detonate Destroys gizmo, but clears room and gives 100 Gold.