Gizmos function as helpers. They have different types, all of which function differently from one another. Every Gizmo usually has the same design; a rounded square with varying color, with designs on them to signify type. For instance, two Gizmo types, the Shield Gizmo and Ground Gizmo, look the same except for their colors and the position of the lines on them; if the line is vertical, it's the shield, and vice versa.

Note on Colors: The Sub, Beanbot, and Great Gizmos will use the same color as the username of whom summoned them.

Gizmo Description
Gizmo 0001.png
Shoots at nearest enemy until it's killed.
Gizmo 0003.png
Forms a vertical wall behind player. Blocks projectiles and acts as a barrier.
Gizmo 0004.png
Forms a platform over pits, cliffs, etc.
Gizmo 0005.png
Grabs loot and drops it on top of player. Also collects flying hearts from bridge, grid, and stacking rooms.
Gizmo 0006.png
Carries player in air for a limited time. Player has some control while being lifted. Designed by
Shoots at nearest enemy until it's killed. Fires at the player when there are no enemies remaining. Twitch user: NecroticSloth
Brings enemies in front of player to make it easier to attack. Twitch user: Gizmotin
Shoots at nearest enemy until it's killed. Makes enemies friendly.
Player 2
Co-op Gizmo locally controlled by Player 2. Can shoot and become a platform.
Gizmo 0002.png
Able to transform into various Gizmos. Controlled by a single channel subscriber. Lasts across game sessions. Detonating permanently destroys it, but clears the room and drops 100 gold.

Note: First time subs currently broken due to Twitch API changes, only resubs get gizmos if enabled.

Gizmo summoned by using +beanbot followed by one of OneMrBean's subscriber emoticons. Fires a limited number of beans at enemies.
A gizmo with transformation abilities. It is similar to the attack gizmo, except it can follow targeting commands (Close, Solo, Strong, and Weak.) They can only be summoned by developers or $300 tier / $500 tier Kickstarter backers, and they only receive commands from the backer that summoned them, similar to a Sub Gizmo.
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